Page Titles for SEO

Using specific and unique keywords in page titles is the best practice for human readers as well as search engines.

DO NOT stack page titles with keywords to the point that they become unreadable gibberish. Search engines give page titles a great deal of weight in determining both relevance and rank. When someone bookmarks a page, the meta page title is the title they will see in their bookmarks list–so if the title is not accurate or is missing, users will have trouble getting back to the site. Page titles are frequently displayed in search results and users will judge whether or not to visit a page based on its title.

Keywords should be used throughout the page title.

The brand name is placed first, and additional keywords support the brand while indicating the type of content that can be found on the homepage.

When writing page titles, be sure to use the most important (primary) keyword phrase or phrases as the first words in the title tag.

If this isn’t possible, the primary keyword phrase for a page should be placed as close to the beginning of the title tag as possible. Also, it’s standard practice to place corporate names at the end of page titles, except on the home page.

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